Book engagements with one or more of His Nesting Place speakers for challenging messages. We also invite and encourage you to come to our Long Beach, CA location with your youth group, ladies/men’s groups, etc. to tour and/or hear life changing testimonies and see dynamic pro-life videos. Call 562-422-2137 extensions 206 or 208 for more information.

Pastor Al Howard has been in the ministry since 1971. He is no stranger to controversy, often crossing the dividing lines and knocking down walls that have separated the body of Christ. He has sailed many an uncharted course during the past 32 years. He speaks from the heart with authority, exhorting the church and our nation to emancipate themselves from the silence and inaction about what has been called the “second holocaust” of this century. As you hear him, you will laugh and you will cry. You will be “fired up” with his missionary zeal and your life will be changed!

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Mrs. Judy Howard has been involved in pro-life ministry since 1973 (30 years). She is an experienced conference speaker and teacher. As the director of His Nesting Place, Mrs. Judy has gained experience and wisdom as a counselor to women in crisis. To the residents of His Nesting Place she fills the role of a mother figure. Many of the women who live in the home have never had a close loving relationship with their natural mother; Mrs. Judy fills that void in their lives with tenderness and compassion. This woman of God indeed wears many hats and she wears them all well.

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