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We will continue to receive donations for our mothers and their children

who are in need of clothes.

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Our program is meant to help troubled mothers throughout our community. Call us today to

Employment Opportunities

    His Nesting Place is looking for 2 House Managers and 1 Financial Administrator

          The Requirements for House Managers
1 Full Time 1 Part-time
     Must be able to work day shifts (7am-4pm) or night shifts (2pm-10;m) and some weekends.
     Must attend Sunday church services.
     Must know how to cook, have good working skills, attend day and weekend funcations with mothers
     and, at times, work extra hours for special events.
     Must have a car. 

  Requirements for Financial Administrator
  Full Time 32 - 40 hours per week Mondays-Fridays and some weekends or events

   The Financial Administrator wears many hats and therefore is responsible for a number of areas.           Must be able to work well in all departments.
   Must know how to work with QuickBooks and do financial reports in an accurate and timely manner.
   Must clearly communicate monthly to our donors and vendors.
   Must coordinate daily work and follow procedures of the work.
   Must clearly understand all daily funcations through out the day which means be prepared to be
   interrupted serveral times a day, multi-task is a must.
   Must have car.
   Must attend Sunday Services.
  For more information please call Diana Cattani at 562-422-2137 ext 230.


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