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Where mothers are at home

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide mothers and children a safe loving home and church that instills the gospel and encourages change In hopes to make a transformation in their lives-
turning them into the God fearing, hard working, independent mothers that God has destined them to be

Birthed in tears...
The story of His Nesting Place

"This is not about what two people have done for God, but rather what God did through two ordinary people who answered his call and said, here we are Lord, use us! This is how we became and still are, missionaries to the unborn"

birthed in tears book.jpg

"His nesting place is surely a blessing. For my child and I would. The warmth and love you get from Pastor Al and Mama Judy is the best blessing I could ever ask for. This Christmas season was amazing the abundance of love and Jesus word is what this season really is about. Learning the word of Jesus to better my son and myself lives is what everyone needs"


His nesting place is very humble place.
By far My 2020 Christmas was the best, and if it wasn't for all the people at HNP it wouldn't of been possible.
This is a great place to be especially if you're a troubled mother struggling to make you're next move with you're children.
Here is the place to be. You never know what it'll be till you try it out.




Tel. 562-422-2137

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350 e Market St.

Long Beach, CA 90805



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