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Welcome to His Nesting Place

His Nesting Place, located in Long Beach, CA is a non-profit service for families in need. Whether you are a women of an unexpected pregnancy or someone who is homeless and needs the safety and security of God’s love, our arms are open to receive you into our worship community!

In conjunction with the maternity home His Nesting Place operates a Crisis Pregnancy Center. We offer free pregnancy tests, food, baby items, counseling and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ to women in need who come to them. Many women are led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through these centers.




A place where mothers call home

Our Founders

Al and Judy Howard, aka "Mama and Papa" got involved with abortion through Operation Rescue in 1983, barricading abortion clinics, even went to jail a few times for blocking clinics in hopes of saving unborn lives. 

They began to go to the clinics, just the two of them, because no one else was out there and they HAD to do something about abortion. Al and Judy wanted to help fight the excuses women were facing when they thought having an abortion was the only option and most of the time that was housing. So they began to take these women from the abortion clinics and moving them into their own home! Eventually they got so full they moved them into their Sunday school room at he church they were Pastoring in Downey California.

Eventually the city of Downey sued them because housing mothers and babies  didn't "look good in their community". Not only was the city against them, but even their own congregation had parted ways in the calling God had put on their lives.

God had other plans for Pastor Al and Judy  as he opened up new doors for them here in Long Beach California; what once was a housing center for missionaries in California is now a beautiful, large facility here to house women (up to 12 moms and several children each) in doing so,  they have housed over 7,000 women and have saved countless unborn lives doing so.

His Nesting Place is not just a home but it's also a church where we truly instill the gospel to the mothers to change their lives. Taking these women in and truly becoming their family with the love of Christ. 


Our vision is to provide mothers and children a safe loving home and church that instills the gospel and encourages change. In hopes to make a transformation in their lives, turning them into the God fearing, hard working, independent mothers that God has destined them to be

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Join us for our 38th annual

Fundraising Banquet

Saturday, September 11th


early registration begins at 11:30

New location!

Old Ranch Country Club

3901 Lampson Ave

Seal Beach, CA 90740

Tickets are $65.00 per person BEFORE Aug.13th 

and $75.00 per person AFTER August 13th

Call to RSVP at 562-422-2137 and ask for Geri

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"His nesting place is surely a blessing. For my child and I would. The warmth and love you get from Pastor Al and Mama Judy is the best blessing I could ever ask for. This Christmas season was amazing the abundance of love and Jesus word is what this season really is about. Learning the word of Jesus to better my son and myself lives is what everyone needs"


His nesting place is very humble place.
By far My 2020 Christmas was the best, and if it wasn't for all the people at HNP it wouldn't of been possible.
This is a great place to be especially if you're a troubled mother struggling to make you're next move with you're children.
Here is the place to be. You never know what it'll be till you try it out.




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350 e Market St.

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