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His Nesting Place is solely run by 10 faithful staff members and just a hand full of volunteers, we are so grateful for what we do have but could always use the extra prayers and partners. Here are the current needs we have that you can help with by either getting hands-on or by simply lifting us up in your prayers

Image by Ismael Paramo


We are in need of trusted volunteers! Specifically in these areas:

  • Child care workers

  • Handy men

  • Cooks

  • Drivers

  • Maintenance- cleaning/organizing


His Nesting Place is currently looking for new House Managers and a Case Manager (both part time)

Image by Christina @

Dentist building 

Right next door to His Nesting Place is an abandoned dentist building that is currently being taken over by a homeless encampment, this building is a huge liability to the ministry as there are drugs, fires and dangerous people who linger there. Our goal is to bel able to own this building to expand our ministry and utilize the parking structure. We are currently praying we would be able to own this building one day for a very low cost

Sidewalk Counselors

We need more bodies at our local abortion clinic to help reach the women going inside. Sometimes we are that babies last chance at life! whether you can give just once a month or once a week, it makes a big difference! 

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