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At His Nesting Place, we are a community of caring individuals who offer hope and healing to those in need. Our maternity home is solely operated by 10 faithful staff members and a handful of volunteers who are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for those who are facing difficult times. We are grateful for what we do have, but could always use the extra support and prayers from our community. Join us today in making a difference in the lives of those who need it the most!

Unwrap the Joy

At His Nesting Place, we believe in spreading joy and love during the Christmas season. This year, we have several needs that you can help us fulfill. From sponsoring families in need to helping wrap gifts, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved and make a difference. Join our team of dedicated volunteers and experience the joy of giving back to the community. Together, we can make this Christmas a memorable one for everyone.

Make It a Merry Christmas with Your Help

With the holiday season fast approaching, His Nesting Place is gearing up to provide a magical experience for all. Every year, we are humbled by the amazing gifts we receive from our supporters, and this year we are asking for some specific help. We are in particular need of gifts for older children ages 8 through 13, baby boy clothing and boy items, size 3, 4, and 5 diapers, all new, women's purses, women's bath sets, women's slippers, makeup, and more. Any contribution, no matter how small it may seem, would be greatly appreciated.


Prayers for healing

Prayers for hearts to soften

As some of you may already know, Pastor Al is 85 years old. With no plans of retirement in his future, he wants to continue to do the Lords work here at the ministry but with is age and his many years of dedication to the unborn, his health is something that needs continual prayer. Please help us lift him up in your daily prayers, his kidneys, eyes, voice and bladder are constantly being attacked and we know that with prayers, the Lord will heal him

Please also pray for the staff, their health and their healing as well

Please pray for the women's hearts that we are serving. With the world now celebrating women's rights, it has become difficult for us to approach them. Pray for mother's hearts to soften as they go into the abortion clinics, pray they would have a motherly conviction to keep their baby and protect their baby, pray they would choose LIFE! Pray they would be approachable to us as we speak to them in love

Prayers for protection of spiritual warfare

Please keep our staff in prayer as the work we do here is not just physical but spiritual, the Bible very well tells us this! Please pray for us to have discernment, widsom and stregnth as we help these women. Not only do we take them in to help rebuild their lives but we take their burdens with them and sometimes these things can spill over, pray for us to help them understand God's love for them, pray they would all find salvation as they come to His Nesting Place, pray their lives would change for the better!

Change Lives Today: Get Involved with HNP

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We are in need of trusted volunteers! Specifically in these areas:

  • Child care workers

  • Handy men

  • Cooks

  • Drivers

  • Maintenance- cleaning/organizing

  • IT Tech/ marketing/ graphic designer


His Nesting Place is currently looking for new House Managers and a Case Manager (both part time)

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Dentist building 

Right next door to His Nesting Place is an abandoned dentist building, it has since been demolished but is currently being taken over by a homeless encampment, this building is a huge liability to the ministry as there are drugs, fires and dangerous people who linger there. Our goal is to bel able to own this building to expand our ministry and utilize the parking structure. We are currently praying we would be able to own this building one day for a very low cost

Sidewalk Counselors

We need more bodies at our local abortion clinic to help reach the women going inside. Sometimes we are that babies last chance at life! whether you can give just once a month or once a week, it makes a big difference! 

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