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"Learning the word of Jesus to better my son and myselfs lives is what everyone needs"

His nesting place is surely a blessing. Without this place my child and i would without anything. The warmth and love you get from Pastor Al and Mama Judy is the best blessing i could ever ask for. This Christmas season was amazing the abundance of love and Jesus word is what this season really is about. Learning the word of Jesus to better my son and myselfs lives is what everyone needs.


"when I was in a desperate situation they took me in"

I am so grateful for his nesting place and the pastor as well as his wife. When I was in a desperate situation they took me in and made sure I had everything I needed for my self my unborn as well as my other two children. I came in pretty ruff from a long life of craziness, but it was there in that home that I learned to be a responsible mother and ever I learned who I was as a women. The staff was always willing and available for anything myself or the children needed. In the two years I lived there we grew very close to the staff and today 16 yrs later they are still like family I try and volunteer when I can and will always be grateful for what I learned in my time there. It saddens me to read the reviews that other former moms there have written some people just dont know good even they have it.


"This is my home"

I currently live at His Nesting place and i honestly have nothing to complain about I found the Lord here . We pray together every morning . I have sisters through Christ here . My daughter loves being here . This is my home . And let me tell you I've never had a Christmas like this one . This Christmas here at his nesting place was such a blessing for me and my kids . I've learned to humble myself and give to the lord my problems . I just thank this place for providing and being a home that I can call my home


"Christ became real to me in a new way"

“Dear Pastor Al & Judy,
Thank you so much Pastor Al for doing this for me. It means so much for me to have you part of my wedding day. You and Mrs. Judy have played a significant part in my life. God used my time at His Nesting place to talk to me in a way I have never heard Him before. Christ became real to me in a new way, a personal way in which I have never known Him before. I can look back and see His hand guiding me since I was a toddler but finally he became close to me and not a distant God.”


"Lead me to where you know I need to be"

I have been living at His Nesting Place now for almost seven months. Before I came here my life was in turmoil. My past was so shameful. I used to put my children to bed early so that I could drink or take drugs. I would get ‘high’ and ‘party’ all night. I was very rebellious and into witchcraft but searching for something to fill the empty void in my life. I was full of anger and even blamed God for my betrayals, especially when my boyfriend left me for another woman, leaving me homeless. No one and no shelter would take me and my four children in. (I was eventually able to stay with one of Pastor Al’s families until an opening came at His Nesting Place). I cried to God, ‘Please help me; I’m sick and tired of living a sinful, meaningless lifestyle – lead me to where You know I need to be.’

Since I came to His Nesting Place, the spiritual void in my life that I was searching to fill is being filled! I call His Nesting Place an ‘Extra Care Place.’ My life now has order and direction. I have been attending the Travel and Trade Career Institute where I am being trained to be a certified Public Accountant. I am already on my fourth module, have a B average and am already typing 40 WPM. I would never have been able to come this far without Pastor Al and Judy being obedient in opening up this home for me and my children to have a place to change my life. And I can see changes in all the other moms here too. We all feel so safe, loved and sheltered. My son, Joshua (12 years old) even got a scholarship to go to Verdugo Pines Camp this summer for the first time in his life. My goal is to stay here until I graduate and earn a degree then work to be able to support my family.”


"I may not have ever gotten this far"

“Dear Pastor Al & Judy,
I don’t know if you know this, but you both played a big part in where I am in my life now. Had it not been for His Nesting Place, I may not have ever gotten this far. Thank you. I will always have love for you. The Lord has seen me through my years at Long Beach City College. Before I make my way to San Jose to attend Golden State Baptist College, I would love to have you add to my joy and blessing by having you come to my graduation ceremony.

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