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The team at His Nesting Place is here to provide a safe, secure and loving environment for those in need. Our home offers free pregnancy tests, counseling, baby items, food and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No one should be without a home or the support they need, and our arms are open to receive you.

Our Founders

Al and Judy Howard, aka "Mama and Papa" got involved with abortion through Operation Rescue in 1983, barricading abortion clinics, even went to jail a few times for blocking clinics in hopes of saving unborn lives. 

They began to go to the clinics, just the two of them, because no one else was out there and they HAD to do something about abortion. Al and Judy wanted to help fight the excuses women were facing when they thought having an abortion was the only option and most of the time that was housing. So they began to take these women from the abortion clinics and moving them into their own home! Eventually they got so full they moved them into their Sunday school room at he church they were Pastoring in Downey California.

Eventually the city of Downey sued them because housing mothers and babies  didn't "look good in their community". Not only was the city against them, but even their own congregation had parted ways in the calling God had put on their lives.

God had other plans for Pastor Al and Judy  as he opened up new doors for them here in Long Beach California; what once was a housing center for missionaries in California is now a beautiful, large facility here to house women (up to 12 moms and several children each) in doing so,  they have housed over 7,000 women and have saved countless unborn lives doing so.

His Nesting Place is not just a home but it's also a church where we truly instill the gospel to the mothers to change their lives. Taking these women in and truly becoming their family with the love of Christ. 


At His Nesting Place, we strive to do more than just provide a safe haven for women and children in need. Our staff comes to work every day with the desire to serve with everything they have, going above and beyond to create a supportive and welcoming environment. Each member of our team brings a unique strength to the ministry, and it's this diversity that allows us to work together seamlessly. When you come to His Nesting Place, you're not just entering a shelter - you're becoming part of a family.


pastor AL HOWARD


Al, aka "papa" has been in the ministry since 1971. He is no stranger to controversy, often crossing the dividing lines and knocking down walls that have separated the body of Christ. He has sailed many an uncharted course during the past 50 years. He speaks from the heart with authority, exhorting the church and our nation to emancipate themselves from the silence and inaction about what has been called the “second holocaust” of this century. As you hear him, you will laugh and you will cry. You will be “fired up” with his missionary zeal and your life will be changed! Pastor Al serves here as the mothers personal Pastor and assists in spiritual counseling to them as well.




Judy, aka " mama" has been involved in pro-life ministry since 1973. She is an experienced conference speaker and teacher. As the director of His Nesting Place, Mrs. Judy has gained experience and wisdom as a counselor to women in crisis. She truly fills the role of a mother figure. Many of the women who live in the home have never had a close loving relationship with their natural mother; Mrs. Judy fills that void in their lives with tenderness and compassion. This woman of God indeed wears many hats and she wears them all well.

geri headshot1.jpg


Financial Manager/Co-director

Daughter of Pastor Al and Judy Howard, Geri is preparing to help lead His Nesting Place to continue to keep her parents  legacy alive. Geri was once a mother in the home with her own daughter in 2010 so she can truly relate to the mothers and help guide them in the right direction. Her focus is to over-see the House Managers and encourage the moms. Geri has been managing the finances since 2014



General Manager/ Personal Assistant 

Diana Catani is a personal assistant to Pastor Al and Judy Howard and General Manager. She is a dedicated, hard working and faithful employee and has worked in every department within the ministry. Before coming to His Nesting Place, she was a full-time Real Estate Agent and has now been with the ministry for over 16 years




His Nesting Place is currently looking for a part-time receptionist



Lead House Manager

Patricia has been fostering children for over 13 years and truly has a mother's heart to each mom she over-see's in the home. She leads them with the love of Christ and looks after them as if they are her very own. Patricia has been our head house manager for over 5 years 



Case Manger 

His Nesting Place is currently looking to hire a Case Manager



House Manager

Once a mother at His Nesting Place over 30 years ago, now Mirna plays a very important role in the mothers lives here as a House Manager encouraging and loving the mothers. Mirna was once our full-time child care worker for over 15 years and still has a big heart for the children.




Gloria Matthews is our newest employee and wears many hats! From Accounting to receptionist to being the House Managers assistant, Gloria does is all with love and a smile on her face!


arturo guzman


Arturo gave his life to Christ in 2018 and immediately wanted to get involved in helping ministries. Through a friend he found His Nesting Place  and began volunteering where he was introduced to his wife Geri. Soon after their wedding, the Lord opened up a position for him to be more involved at the ministry doing handy work, over-seeing donations and help keeping the ministry in order.


Are you looking to make a difference in Women's lives? Are you wanting to give back to the community somehow? Are you passionate about helping families in need? If so, His Nesting Place may be the perfect job for you!
His Nesting Place is a Pro-Life, Christian, non-profit church and home to homeless pregnant women in need. Located in Long Beach California. Our home can help up to 12 mothers along with their children as well. Established in 1983, our ministry has helped thousands of women in need and could not do it without our wonderful house managers! This is not just a job where you clock in and clock out, this is a job where you come in and you are considered family, a job that you put your heart and soul into!

Our House Manger position is one of the most important positions in our ministry

This job can be similar to the duties as a parent, that's why some people call this position a "house mom"
You will be required to be with the ladies in the home as they wake up and do daily devotions, dedicate weekly morning and nightly chores to them and inspect that they are properly done. Also to make sure you know where they are at on a daily basis and are back by dinner time.

This job also consists of physical work for yourself as well like organizing donations, cleaning the kitchen, dumping out trash etc. so it is important you are able to be physically useful

There are times that we may ask you to make store runs or Dr visits with some of the moms so it is also mandatory that you have a vehicle and license

Our number one goal in the home is that the moms establish a personal relationship with Jesus, we want them to meet their greatest potential through the Lord so this position is very important that they can look up to you as a Godly mentor

The Requirements for House Managers
-Specifically looking for women over the age of 25
-Must know how to cook, have good working skills, attend day and weekend functions with mothers
-and, at times, work extra hours for special events.
-Must have a car/license/insurance

Part time manager is available, may be full time in the future, we are looking for a night shift manager (2:00 pm-10:00 pm mon-fri)currently and some weekends. When necessary day shifts as well (7am-4pm)

if this sounds like something that interests you, please send an e-mail to us with your resume (link below)

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