A look back at 2021

Updated: Jan 31

2021 has been a year full of tests, Pastor Al and Judy had many unexpected deaths, hardships and lessons but it is only by the grace of God he has pulled us through to be stronger than ever!

Here's a look back at the year

February-Men's shoe giveaway

In February HNP was donated over 20 pallets of brand new men's shoes, well over 100,000 pairs! We were able to bless many churches, outreaches and the community of Long Beach with comfortable shoe's for many men in need. What a blessing it is to give.

April-Sidewalk Counseling Seminar

We had the privilege to host a Sidewalk Counseling Seminar, to help equip and encourage those who are wanting to get involved in the sidewalk counseling ministry. We shared wonderful testimonies from mothers who chose to give their babies life and training from some of the best counselors out there!

June 7th, 2021- Unexpected Death at His Nesting Place

At only 30 years old, just one month shy of her full year at His Nesting Place, one month shy of gaining full custody of her son, and one month away from his very first birthday, our dear Kaitlyn passed away in our home. While we may never know how she passed away it was sudden and it was certainly tragic, it was the first death we have ever had and experienced at the ministry, a death we will never forget and will never take lightly. Kaitlyn can be seen in our banquet from 2020 sharing her testimony and what a powerful one it was. She will always hold a special place in our hearts, she sang in the worship, encouraged other moms in the home and came such a long way from where she started, we are so grateful for the opportunity and privilege we had to get to know her and love her in her time of need.

We had the honor to host Kaitlyn's memorial service in our home, it was an absolutely beautiful service, the mother's who helped give Kaitlyn CPR were able to share their testimony and what a powerful impact she had on them. Her son Jacob was able to lighten our hearts with his presence. We thank God that he has Kaitlyn's mother in law to look after him now

August 2020

Just a few months following the death of Kaitlyn, we lost one of our long time employees who was at the time retired, Ruben Lara. Ruben had been working for us for over 15 years and was a faithful, hardworking steward here, he will be missed greatly.

We had also lost a longtime board member and personal friend to Pastor Al and Judy, Tim Wilson, Tim had known Pastor Al and Judy long before His Nesting Place was even in operation as they had done Operation Rescue together, he was a faithful, committed man of God who was not only kind but also a gentle man who had a huge heart for the unborn, he leaves us behind with his wife Colette, who still serves on our board and their four beautiful children.

There have been over 20 deaths related to the ministry over the entire year of 2021 that left us not only shocked but heartbroken. We are grieving but giving all the thanks to God for keeping us alive and healthy among the midst of this pandemic and in seeing death so close up and personal. It truly hit us home this year and we will not take life for granted

September- 38th Annual Banquet "Loving them both"

For the first time in over 15 years, we held our annual banquet at a new location, The Old Ranch Country Club in Los Alamitos! Although we were hesitant to try something new, we had a great turnout and we had a wonderful time! Best of all, we had one of the most successful banquets in 20 years God truly had blessed us and helped us turn the year around! We will be having our banquet here again in 2022 so if you missed last years, you will have another opportunity!

October-Baby Showers and Babies saved!

With lot's of new babies coming to the ministry, we were able to host a Baby Shower for all the mothers! They played games, received gifts, had lunch and was able to celebrate with not only us but their families and friends as well!

Saved from abortion!

Unicque came into our facility when she was just 4 months pregnant, with nowhere to go and contemplating abortion, she found our website and decided to keep her baby! She moved in right away and had her beautiful daughter, Mariana. Thank you Lord for sparing her life! Just look at her beauty!

November- Boutique for HNP mom's and mom's in need

We were graciously gifted over 10,000 pieces from a women's boutique shop, brand new clothing items for our mom's and mothers in need were able to come and go shopping!

We also had a visit from our good friends "Los Insanos Bikers Club" who have been supporting us and giving us donated goods

Even a few of our former mothers were able to pick out new clothes!

A very Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

It is such a blessing to be with the mothers and children on Christmas mornings, to see their faces light up and to see all the hard work paid off when a mom breaks down in tears (happy tears of course!) This year we had 5 mothers but we were able to sponsor 12 families in total and help out a few mom's in need, when the Lord provides enough, we want to bless as many women as we can and we love to do so! Thank you all who have helped make this year extra special for all of us! We had lot's of fun making so many memories, cookie decorating, shows, food and so much more! The holidays at His Nesting Place is what Christmas spirit is made of!

With all of our love and thanks, happy new year to you all!

-His Nesting Place Family

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